Introducing 24/5 Technical Support

Real technical support from a real human, at any hour.

We’re launching round-the-clock technical support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. From Sunday at 4pm Eastern Time to Friday 9pm Eastern Time, our clients will have access to live support.

GMT: 9 pm Sunday to 2 am SaturdayEST: 4 pm Sunday to 9 pm FridayPST: 1 pm Sunday to 6 pm FridayAEST: 8 am Monday to 1 pm Saturday

“When you have to burn the midnight oil to get your job done it’s important to know you won’t have to wait till the morning to get answers. You can call us up and talk to a real human being any time of the week, day or night”. 
Mike Reid, Co-Founder of SmartSimple

We take support seriously, which is why we’re pioneering this model as the first in our industry. We’re in the empowerment business, and as such, it’s part of our responsibility to help our clients to get the most out of the SmartSimple platform every step of the way.

We at SmartSimple take pride in our delivery of excellent service to our customers. We have customers who have been with us for more than a decade and we continue to be their trusted advisors for process improvement and growth.  
Madhulika Sharma, Director of SmartSimple Community Support

So, even if you’re working late into the night or in Melbourne, Australia, we’re here to help troubleshoot your technology issues while everyone else is asleep.
“We don’t ever want our customers to get stuck, day or night. Our new 24-hour real person support takes that fear away. We will be here, just call”. 
Mike Reid, Co-Founder of SmartSimple

What clients have said about our Support services:

“The Community Support team is amazing. They’re very responsive, always able to reply to requests in a short time frame. They’re also great at explaining what they’ve done and helped us understand how we can replicate changes ourselves in the future.” 
Ryan Mudawar, Director of Academic and Workforce Programs, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

“I’ve been consistently impressed with how responsive the Community Support Team are. They never rush you off the phone or make you feel like you’re wasting their time.” 
Misha Dashevsky, Grants Manager, Pohlad Family Foundation

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