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Introducing: SmartSimple Business Strategy Service

Get your answers and solutions faster

We want to make sure you’re maximizing the powerful functionality of your SmartSimple software, which is why we’re launching our complimentary SmartSimple Business Strategy services — for those times you have questions that require more than just technical troubleshooting.

Thinking of adding a component to your platform that sends out automatic notifications alerting and updating your grantees where they are in the grant application process? Want to impress your boss by improving your foundation’s impact reports at your next presentation? We can help you every step of the way.

Think of this like our white glove concierge service to your platform’s needs. We’ll help you get the resources you need to make sure your platform is future-proof and scalable to your new technological advancements.

“The SmartSimple Business Strategy service is like an operator of sorts who can talk with you about your concerns and then direct you to the correct team to help you and at the same time provide some advice on how best to implement a change into your system.” 
— Eric Lauer, Director of Customer Experience

We know it can be frustrating to talk to someone new each time you call, and we understand your needs expand beyond just talking to a person, so we want to make sure you talk to the right person. When you call, we’ll not only talk about what new developments you need in your software, we’ll connect you to the right team to best implement it. We also provide training sessions and webinars to help you apply your new tools on your own.

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Here’s another way to think of our Business Strategy service...

Let’s say you go to your bank with a check for $100. You have the option to deposit or withdraw it as a straightforward transaction — consider this to be our general support. Another option is to talk to a financial consultant that will help guide you to make strategic decisions and help grow your money — consider this as our Business Strategy service. Both are excellent routes, just under different circumstances.

As your organization grows, your platform’s capabilities need to grow along with it. And sometimes your questions exist outside the boundaries of technical troubleshooting.

There is no question too small or big. We’re in your corner.

Contact our experienced support team HERE.

In this Photo: Eric Lauer, Director of Customer Experience
“One of the phrases that we don't use at SmartSimple is "well, we've always done it that way". As part of this internal, we realized that we could do better with helping our clients address their business process requirements. While we always provide this type of support we felt that we were not directing these queries in the best way we could to give the best service to our clients. We see our Business Strategy Support team as an answer to this.” 
— Eric Lauer, Director of Customer Experience

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