February 2018 Upgrade Highlights

For this month’s upgrade, we focused on making system configuration more efficient, more streamlined and more intuitive to make it easier for you to apply changes. Below is a summary of these exciting updates. 

Watch the video below to review the highlights from the February Upgrade.


New Look And Feel To Your Login Pages

We have enhanced login pages with a new look. This update, coupled with improvements from the last upgrade make it easier than ever to create a unique look for your login page. 

You’ll notice that the email and password boxes have been re-positioned for greater emphasis and accessibility and you now can personalize your own background image. Note that these changes only apply to newly created login pages, or if you refresh the template in your existing instance.

Creating Company And User Accounts Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

We are always looking to simplify every aspect of your user experience and we’ve made creating new user and company accounts much easier. We’ve streamlined this process by shifting the “Roles/Categories” selection into a different screen for a step-by-step experience. Once the Roles/Categories have been selected, the user and company can continue creating their account with ease.

We have also introduced the “Activate/Deactivate” button right on the user profile screen that indicates if a user has login access right up front.

Eliminate the need to review user types, just simply activate or deactivate them.

Hierarchical Record Navigation

You can once again easily navigate between level one, two and level three objects. With this enhancement, you’ll be able to move from a level 2 directly to the level 1 parent or the UTA list with a single click.

Hierarchical navigation shows your location in SmartSimple’s structural hierarchy at all times. This makes it easier to keep track of what type of record you're currently working with, and to navigate between different records. This upgrade replaces the “go to” menu hidden under “options.”

Simplified Configuration Pages

The new URL Lookup (name change pending) helps in areas where you need to link to system pages like in configuring shortcuts or menus. Starting in the Arcadia portal builder, the URL lookup assists in the construction of URLs for objects and lists. Start by picking the object type such as UTA, Organization, People or Report and then the desired action. For example, choose "People" then "Edit my profile."

We have made it easier to review/modify lists and charts before you use them for different areas. For example, when selecting a list view or chart in an Arcadia portal section, you can now edit the selected list view settings.

Ever feel overwhelmed when you look at configuration pages? We have simplified the settings pages and have moved some antiquated options into a Classic tab. We have also introduced a new Advanced Options toggle to hide away rarely used options. This reduces the clutter on the page and lets you focus on the important settings.

Important note: 

Custom field types have been renamed and reorganized. This makes creating custom fields and identifying the type of information you wish to capture a whole lot easier.

Editing language translations have also been simplified. We have added a button beside caption fields that let you enter different language translations a little easier by not having to go to a separate page. An asterisk indicator has also been added to denote that a translation exists, so you no longer have to guess which languages have translations.

The menu UI for configuration pages has also been updated to be more consistent with the object pages, e.g., UTA records, organizations, and users.

Adding Fields In Configuration Mode

When editing a field in Configuration Mode, you now have access to a “+” button to create a new field. Note: If a Type specific field is clicked on, the new field will also be created under that Type.

We have also added the ability for you to create and toggle between different document versions, otherwise known as SmartVersioning. Let’s say you have forms from the past few years that you want to compare data from — you can have access to all of them in one centralized location.

Designing Great-Looking Workflow Emails is Now Easier than Ever

We understand that writing emails take up a lot of your precious time, which is why we created a new “Workflow Email Template” so you can be more efficient with your email communications. You can access these customized templates under the Email Body Format field.

Once you’ve selected the template you’re using, it will automatically populate the subject, body, and attachment fields. Now you can go ahead and focus on other important things instead of rewriting the same email over and over again.

Upgrade Release Notes

Full details on all our February 2018 Features and enhancements, including notes from system administrators, are available on our SmartSimple Wiki

February Upgrade Q&A Sessions

Tuesday, February 27, 2:00PM EST

Thursday, March 1, 10:00 AM EST

Join Arjun Hiranandani, Technical Account Advisor, for a Q&A-style webinar, focusing on our February upgrade. Arjun will review key features and answer your questions to help you make the most of your system.

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