SmartSimple January 2018 Community Newsletter

Welcome to another year with SmartSimple!

In this year's kick-off newsletter, we would like to start with some words from our co-founders Mike Reid and Keith Yau. Their message will provide you with a snapshot of our achievements in 2017 and how we will be positioning our development efforts this year. Also, we will be sharing some results from the recent Community Engagement Survey and our brand new approach to delivering webinars.

A Message from Mike and Keith
Mike Reid, COO

Happy New Year, SmartSimple Community!

Every new year brings a renewed sense of hope and optimism.
At SmartSimple, our optimism is driven by our theme for the year: Future-Proof.

So why future-proof?

In 2017, our strategic theme was Efficiency. With efficiency in mind in everything we do,
we have achieved the following:
Keith Yau, CTO

  • 192% user growth - Over 115,000 individual users/month as of December 2017 vs 60,000 individual users/month in 2016
  • New global markets: Opened up the APAC market with our first client in Australia
  • Next-level learning opportunities: ELEVATE 2017 - our biggest client event to to date
  • Stronger strategic partnerships: New AWS designations and a growing partner network
  • Innovative solutions: Amazon Alexa voice automation system integration

Starting the year with these achievements, we are confident in saying that we are fully equipped
to be your eyes and ears into the future.

The trust, encouragement and ideas that you eagerly provide our team have always been the key drivers to our strategy. With our new theme for 2018, we are devoting our efforts into ensuring that you, our valued clients, have the technology required to keep up in a world that’s changing faster than ever. You can be assured that the innovations we are currently working on will continue to set you up for success in tackling the future’s tracking and reporting demands with ease.

To end this message, we say, focus on your mission. We’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s to another great year!

Mike and Keith

Community Engagement Survey Snapshot
Your voice was definitely heard! The amount of information that we’ve gathered from your responses definitely made us more enthusiastic about improving the quality of engagement and educational opportunities available to you as a SmartSimple user. Winners of the draw will be notified and receive their prizes in the mail.
Are you curious about which industry trends your SmartSimple peers have been following? Using the data gathered from the Community Engagement Survey, have a look at the most commonly followed industry trends among the SmartSimple Community.

  • 31.7% of the respondents follow trends on data and outcomes such as impact reporting, accountability, and transparency reports
  • 15.9% follow trends on diversity and equity, concerning topics such as community diversity, diversity location tracking and creating more equitable communities
  • 14.6% follow trends on technology and software functionality, mostly concentrating on business process efficiency and mobile access

Interested in more data points like these? We will be sharing more results from the survey in upcoming newsletters!

A Smarter and Simpler Approach to Webinars

From the recent Community Engagement Survey, we’ve received a lot of requests from SmartSimple users to break down topics into simpler details. As a response to your feedback, this year, we will be organizing our webinars into quarterly themes. To start the year and lay the foundation for your system’s security, the theme for this quarter will be Security.
Don’t forget to register for the webinars under the Security Series:
Access Granted: Taking Control of Your User Roles and Permissions
January 16 2:00 PM/January 18 10:00 AM
Defining Your Security: Effectively Managing Your UTA Security Matrix
February 20 2:00 PM/February 22 10:00 AM
Organized Access: Setting Up Your Company and Contact Security Matrix
March 13 2:00 PM/March 15 10:00 AM
All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

SmartSimple 2017 Events Round-Up
2017 was a big year for SmartSimple as we completely revamped our client events strategy. Starting with four Block Parties in Toronto, Chicago, DC and LA and ending it at sunny Venice Beach with ELEVATE LA, these new events were all well-attended and well-received by the SmartSimple Community.

Here's a recap video of ELEVATE LA.

So which events should you look forward to this 2018? Stay tuned for our Events Calendar coming soon!

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