The Reviews Are In: 2 Thumbs Up for SmartSimple ELEVATE

SmartSimple’s 2017 annual conference was the largest in the company’s history

With over a hundred of our friends, partners, and colleagues, SmartSimple hosted the first ever ELEVATE conference down in sunny Los Angeles (November 1-2). ELEVATE is a new event that evolved from the previous community conferences that SmartSimple hosted twice a year in Toronto and Chicago.

“ELEVATE is a reflection of the ongoing maturation of SmartSimple as a company. We’ve seen some rapid growth over the last few years, and we wanted to deliver a memorable conference experience for our clients, new and old alike,” Says Mike Reid, Co-founder and COO of SmartSimple.

From early morning walks on the Venice beach boardwalk to watch the sunrise, to a Lego-inspired collaboration exercise, the conference was high energy from start to finish.

Client demos from JDRF and The Coca-Cola Foundation offered attendees a unique chance to see what their peers are doing with their systems, while members of the Irving Harris Foundation, Crown Philanthropies, and Feeding America participated in a panel to share how they leverage SmartSimple’s Premium Support Services to effectively drive requests and changes as their systems evolve.

Outside of conference sessions, we took some time to have a little fun, enjoy some good food, and good company, at the Welcome and Fireside receptions. What do you do when you’re in Tinseltown? Play movie trivia of course!

Thanks to business solutions Re-Solved, The Innovation Network, and CAF America for partnering with us as sponsors to make ELEVATE an event that we were proud to host.

Want to know where we’ll be taking our act next year? Watch this video to see where ELEVATE will be going in 2018!

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